“Painting has always maintained a magical component, separate from its ‘thingness’ for me. The process of thinking, learning, being, letting go, creating, responding, and prodding color, texture, line, and value into a compelling composition continues to captivate me.

Intrigue with the entire process is an avenue for internal growth. Painting is one of those ‘Great Things’ that can open the mind and touch a soul. It is a quiet place, always new, and yet familiar. The problem is bringing clarity to something beyond the obvious, beyond the visual, beyond boundaries. Something Larger. There has always been a spiritual component. Reflections about why and what I paint are within the paintings themselves. Verbal discourse about that which is primarily visual is insufficient and superfluous at best.

Visual experiences offer lucidity and inexplicable knowing. This recent work reflects both a long held interest in Modernist Abstraction and a compulsion to visually express sensory aspects of our temporary environment. Recurring interest in the ephemeral, and the transitory compel me to think through effulgent color and suggestive, indeterminate form.

Favorite subjects are water and air. The coexistence of opposites present themselves as in exuberance nuanced with quietness, line formulated with edge and space, and color as entity and descriptor. Beloved places, emotion, and human connections are visually orchestrated, and brought to artistic life through the process of painting.”

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